Governor Northam’s COVID-19 Briefing – 4/6/2020

TOPLINE UPDATES The Governor advises everyone to wear face coverings (or masks) when outside their homes, per new CDC guidelines.Coronavirus can be transmitted through airborne molecules, and asymptomatic people can have and transmit the virus, so a face covering can offer some protection for everyone, both the sick and healthy.People do not need a medical […]

Governor Northam’s COVID-19 Briefing – 4/3/2020

TOPLINE UPDATES Governor Northam and the Army Corps of Engineers have designated three alternative care sites in the areas of Virginia where COVID-19 is most rampant. $2.5 million in emergency funding has been allocated to shelter the homeless population in Virginia.Virginia has been identified by the CDC as a state with widespread community transmission of […]

Governor Northam’s COVID-19 Briefing – 4/01/2020

TOPLINE UPDATES Today’s remarks from the Governor focused on three main topics:Alternative care sites as we prepare for surge capacityPersonal protective equipment (PPE)National CensusThe Governor also reiterated his previous executive orders and emergency declarations. “Stay home.”The EO is longer than most other states (through 6/10/2020).We must be realistic and know the truth of the situation.The […]

Governor Northam’s COVID-19 Briefing – 3/30/2020

TOPLINE UPDATES The Governor has issued Executive Order 55, directing Virginias to stay at home unless necessary, with some exceptions, until June 10, 2020 (unless amended or rescinded): home unless absolutely necessary.Exceptions include travel for food, supplies, work, medical care or to get fresh air or exercise.Private camp grounds are closed or restricted.Beaches are […]