Message From The President

Dear Members,

I am honored to assume the position of President of the Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons for 2014 and 2015. I would like to thank Dr. John Alspaugh for his hard work over the past two years, and particularly for his efforts in putting together our successful meeting in Charlottesville in November.  With 24 members attending, it made for a valuable networking event as well as an excellent opportunity to further the VASPS mission of advancing the art and science of plastic surgery through education. My thanks also go out to Dr. Dennis Hammond, our guest speaker, who participated through the ASPS Visiting Professor program. I would like to thank the faculty and residents of UVA and Inova Fairfax for their presentations; I hope that in the future our Virginia residency programs will continue to participate. And finally, I thank Grace Ellis and our corporate members for their help and support.

The Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons is dedicated to promoting the highest ethical standards, and is committed to protecting the welfare of our citizens with respect to cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. We work closely with the Board of Medicine and the Medical Society of Virginia, exploring means for ensuring the safety of those patients undergoing surgical procedures in the outpatient setting. This dialogue includes potential legislation, attempts to broaden the Board of Medicine Regulations of outpatient surgery, as well as consideration of direct patient education about the importance of provider qualifications.

My role as president is to support you as you care for your patients. I am your voice regionally as well as nationally. To that end, I will continue to participate in the ASPS Council on State Affairs, a resource for improving the environment in which you practice. However, I do need your help! VASPS needs members. The larger the membership is, the stronger our voice. Dues allow us to provide educational opportunities and participate in advocacy. Please contact your colleagues and encourage them to join.

I encourage VASPS members to be the face of plastic surgery by helping with patient education. Volunteer to give patient education seminars at your hospital, or even consider a newspaper article or television/radio interview. Participate in advocacy by meeting with your legislators when they are home and tell them of your concerns regarding health care in general and the state of plastic surgery in particular. VASPS is happy to provide resources to help you in these tasks.

I look forward to serving as your president for the next two years. I will work to strengthen VASPS so that it is relevant to your practice and successful in its mission.