Message From The President 2018 Q3 Newsletter

Happy autumn, everybody! Our fall newsletter includes a number of items that could potentially affect our practices in a significant manner. We have all worked very hard to attain the training and certification for what we do. Some of us may have started with a passion for the art and science of our specialty and others may simply have eyed the security of providing for our families. But, due to the vigorous efforts of the ASPS and the dedication of our training program directors, most of us have come to realize that patient safety and interest are at the heart of what we do.

Plastic surgeons cannot look after the best interest of their patients if we cannot sustain our practices. Both the ability to look after our patients and for us to survive in the marketplace are under attack from many quarters. Physicians with little or no training in surgery, let alone plastic surgery, see the procedures we offer as a cash cow, independent of insurance reimbursement. These physicians hoodwink patients into thinking that they have the prerequiste training by joining organizations whose names imply training and expertise in cosmetic surgery. When complications occur, these doctors are unable to manage them, patients are injured (or worse), the specialty’s reputation is tarnished, and well-meaning regulations that restrict our practice are enacted.

Some of the issues, currently at the forefront, include:
1. Truth in advertising, what “Board Certification”
should really mean.
2. “Surprise Billing” and fair compensation for services
3. Regulation of reconstituted medications
4. The independent practice of nurse practitioners
5. Maintenance of Certification
6. Restrictions on vaginal rejuvenation

The VASPS is working hard to promote our interests and patient safety in these and other areas. I urge all plastic surgeons in the state of Virginia to please join our society so we can better serve you. Only by working together will we be successful. We have a full-time legislative advisor that keeps us apprised of all issues that are being considered that might have effects on our practices and patients. We are up against entities that have far more members than we do. Because we are small in number, every membership counts. Please join the VASPS or renew your membership for 2019 this fall.

Enrique A. Silberblatt, MD, MA, FACS