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BOM to Enforce Use of Reconstituted Neurotoxins Within 10 Hours.

In its newsletter of September, 2018 the Board of Medicine reminded us of its 2005 legislation mandate to do periodic audits assess compliance with the regulations. They announced that it is time for another audit and all physicians who mix, dilute, or reconstitute drugs for administration will be audited. Since we all reconstitute neurotoxins, we […]

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Truth in advertising

As many of you are aware, current Virginia statute states that if a physician advertises that he/she is “Board Certified,” then he/she must list the name of the “certifying” board. Unfortunately, there are “boards” out there that require only an application and a fee for membership. Their names imply expertise that is not required for […]

Surprise Billing

Many of you may be aware that our state legislators have been contacted by numerous patients who recounted distressing experiences when they received unexpectedly high medical bills, not covered by their insurance. In many cases the patients had gone to their in-network hospital but were treated by out-of-network physicians. As a result, the state legislature […]

Message From The President 2018 Q3 Newsletter

Happy autumn, everybody! Our fall newsletter includes a number of items that could potentially affect our practices in a significant manner. We have all worked very hard to attain the training and certification for what we do. Some of us may have started with a passion for the art and science of our specialty and […]