Call To Arms

Plastic Surgeon volunteer is needed to serve on the Board of Medicine in Virginia

Patients in Virginia are undergoing plastic surgery procedures performed by physicians with marginal training. Our ability to restrict these physicians practice scope is limited. Virginia has a laissez faire attitude toward regulation. Outside of the medical institution (i.e. Hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulatory surgery centers) little restriction is placed on the physician by the Virginia Board of Medicine (BOM). With the exception of some anesthesia practices, any physician who completes one year of internship can do about anything he wants in his office.

The BOM will, however, investigate complaints. Once a patient appreciates that care provided by a poorly trained physician is in some way lacking, a complaint submitted to the BOM by the patient or an involved physician can result in restrictions on that physician’s practice dictated by the BOM. In the past, patient complaints have allowed the BOM to block physicians with weekend course training in surgery from continuing to carry out surgical procedures in their office. Unfortunately, even after being blocked from performing surgical procedures in their offices, these same physicians appealed to the BOM and were shockingly granted permission from the BOM to resume offering surgical procedures in their office based OR!

We need plastic surgeons to volunteer to serve on the Virginia Board of Medicine. This will give us our best chance of having our views regarding the importance of adequate training to protect patients from unnecessary poor outcomes made evident to other BOM members. Hopefully, this will result in decisions regarding these poorly trained physicians that are in the best interest of Virginia’s citizens.
Having a plastic surgeon on the Board would be extremely beneficial to our specialty. The time requirements would include three annual Board meetings which are three days long and held on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Weekly informal conferences requiring three of the eighteen members of the Board and four Board service days are also required. This appointment would be a four year term. If you have any interest please contact Dr. Alspaugh and we will help guide you through the nomination process.