Business Meeting – Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons

The Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons held its annual business meeting in conjunction with the North Carolina Society of Plastic surgeons in October at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulfur Springs.

Dr. Michael Kulick, San Francisco, CA ,The Aesthetic’s Society’s Traveling Professor, Dr. Malcom A. Lesavoy, Los Angeles CA , PSF Visiting Professor and Dr. J. William Little,  Washington, DC were the guest speakers. Together they provided interesting informative topics for the audience. The Greenbrier was a great meeting venue. World class golf and tennis were there as well as less commonly experienced activities such as fly fishing, casting, and skeet shooting.

Roger Emory, Abingdon, VA, was a big winner at the golf tournament winning the prize for closest to the pin on a par three number 18 hole.

Board Meeting

Present: John Alspaugh, Victoria Vastine, Roger Emory, Saied Asfa, Enrique Silberblatt, Henry Wilson, Csaba Magassy, Fred Siegel, Helena Guarda

Meeting was called to order by Dr. Alspaugh. Those in attendance were asked to sign in for the record of attendance.

1.  As the incorporation of the VaSPS had been changed, a vote was required to affirm the current officers in order for them to still hold office under the Articles of Incorporation. A vote was taken and by unanimous vote the existing officers were affirmed: John Alspaugh –President, Victoria Vastine- Vice-President/Secretary, Henry Wilson- Treasurer.

2.  Dr. Wilson gave the treasury report- a copy was provided to those in attendance and is attached to the minutes.  The existing PAC account was closed and a new one opened.

3. BRA Day USA- it was too late to get this date recognized by the Governor’s office. The Governor’s office provided a format for inclusion within the Breast Cancer Awareness umbrella for next year.  BRA DAY 2013 will be October 16, 2013.  Dr. Vastine will work on this inclusion for the Governor’s office and Virginia Legislature.

4. Minutes from the July 17, 2012 teleconference were reviewed and approved.

5. Affiliate Member Status was discussed as was the modifications needed given constraints in what the Society could offer in the way of visibility for the Affiliate Members.

6. Grace Ellis was named the new Executive Director for the Society. Discussion was held regarding financial incentive to the Exec. Director for new member recruitment. We currently have 73 paying members which is stable from past years.

7. Fancy Media is designated as the Webmaster for the Society webpage. Discussed differential access for members with increased content and pushed information. There are some current issues with the site being offline and access limited as a result of change over from previous site administrator.

8. James Pickral is the Society Lobbyist and sent a report of current issues including suggested amendments by the MSV to the Virginia Board of Medicine ( a copy of these suggested amendments was provided to those present and is attached). Also reported was the Maryland Board of Medicine Transparency in Advertising which is to be held up as a model for Virginia. The request for change in requirements for  licensing physicians in Virginia from neighboring states was discussed- an email having circulated before the meeting.

9. VaSPS newsletter was discussed and it was determined that ideally a newsletter will go out 4 times a year, both electronically and by mail, and will be placed on the website. One newsletter will accompany dues requests annually.

10. Discussion followed about the Annual meeting and the conjunction with the NCSPS. Discussion involved continuing as a combined meeting without change in current status ( ie as a visiting group without rights or share in planning), continuing but with negotiations to put the VaSPS on an equal or at least increased footing, or to break away and attempt combining with another group (SEPRS or Northern Va) or doing it alone.

11. New Business included discussion of a letter forwarded to one of the physician members regarding a physician in Southwest Virginia. The question arose as how to direct this information to the Board of Medicine without resulting in a backlash against member surgeons. Included in this discussion was the difficult situation of reporting bad outcomes from inadequately trained physicians when the patient does not want to report the incident.  Wording will be carefully considered and discussed in a newsletter educating Society members on the importance of tracking and reporting the incidence of complications from inadequately trained physicians. Consideration is ongoing regarding legislative versus Board oversight regarding truth in advertising.