2013 Fall Newsletter


American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Advises Consumers to Avoid Unqualified Personnel Performing Cosmetic Procedures

Recent reports of a Houston mother and her two daughters arrested for giving illegal Botox injections without a medical license at a medi-spa, a California obstetrician running a cosmetic surgery practice was charged with maliciously disfiguring 15 patients,  and a Mississippi interior decorator facing trial for the deaths of two women who were injected at her house are just a few examples of why The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) is warning consumers to avoid the dangers of unlicensed personnel performing cosmetic procedures in non-clinical settings. [read more]


White Coat Day

On Thursday, February 13, 2014, the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) will sponsor “White Coats Day” in Richmond. Take time to visit the capitol, meet your legislators and sit in on the legislative session. The more we, as physicians and plastic surgeons, are engaged in this process, the more support we can expect from other physicians and legislators. [read more]

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Upcoming meeting

Join us on Sunday for an afternoon of fun! Choose to play golf at Birdwood Country Club or visit wineries in the mountains of Virginia. On Monday, we will have half of a day for presentations. Our guest speaker will be Dennis Hammond, who will speak on breast surgery. The meeting will end with our business meeting at midday. This will give everyone who needs to get back to work on Tuesday plenty of time to travel home. [read more]


The process of health related regulatory change in Virginia

During my term as President of the Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons, I have been exposed to how new health care related regulations are developed in Virginia and it has been an eye opener. Let’s take a look at the current effort to produce limits on physician healthcare practices in Virginia as a case study. This will show us the steps and the time course of this process. [read more]


Call To Arms

Patients in Virginia are undergoing plastic surgery procedures performed by physicians with marginal training. Our ability to restrict these physicians practice scope is limited.  Virginia has a laissez faire attitude toward regulation. Outside of the medical institution (i.e. Hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulatory surgery centers) little restriction is placed on the physician by the Virginia Board of Medicine (BOM). With the exception of some anesthesia practices, any physician who completes one year of internship can do about anything he wants in his office. [read more]

Federal court upholds the right of plastic surgeons to promote ABPS board certification

A billboard depicts a tearful woman saying, “I didn’t know my cosmetic surgeon wasn’t a plastic surgeon.” This is the most visible part of an ad campaign launched by the Utah Board of Plastic Surgery to increase public awareness that all plastic surgeons are not created equal. Basically, there are those with board certification in plastic surgery from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and those that label themselves “cosmetic” or “plastic surgeons,”[read more]