2012 VASPS Fall Newsletter

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Fall 2012 LFTP


We continue to try to actively seek ways to proscribe the surgical activities of physicians trained at weekend courses to do cosmetic surgery. Progress is slow. Many parties have different viewpoints. The Board of Medicine has a laissez faire attitude to the practices carried out in physician’s offices, but has limited individual physicians after stimulated to investigate by patient complaints. Such complaints resulted in a sanction for a physician who practiced in the western part of our state. A review of this particular physicians behavior and comments should strengthen our resolve as a surgical specialty to continue to encourage changes that will make Virginia a safer place to undergo elective surgery. Recently, the physicians who was sanctioned by the Board of Medicine in 2009 saw fit to dispatch a letter to some of his previous patients soliciting them to write to the Board of Medicine to support his effort to reverse the sanctions. [read more]

Maryland Law Requires to Advertise Board Certification


An article published recently in Health Digest about a law passed in Maryland that limits the use of “ Board Certification “ in advertising. The Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons would like to see similar legislation passed in the State of Virginia. [read more]

MSV to BOM Guideline With Preamble

Medical Society of Virginia

The Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons has been working with the Medical Society of Virginia, MSV, to improve the safety of plastic surgical procedures carried out in an outpatient environment in the State of Virginia. Board certified Plastic Surgeons have standards directed at safety supplied by the American Society of Plastic surgeons as well as from outpatient Operating Room approval agencies such as AAAASF sand AAAHC. [read more]

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